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Your religious rants are not acceptable for an encyclopedia. They have been deleted before, and will be deleted again. If you persist in creating non-encyclopedic aritcles, you will be blocked from editing. RickK 18:44, Jul 22, 2004 (UTC)

Mind your buissness, do you understand, you dont know what your saying, because you dont even know what the these writings are about. Now mind your buissness, if there is no freedom in this thing then i'll go else where. But i'm warning you, dont presume that you know people and try and catasgorise me in the religous mania box, if you read the writings properly you will notice they are against Orginised religion. These writings are more important thatn you will ever even begin to understand, You are a type of person who pigeon holes people and get it wrong all of the time, now leave well enough alone. theres a good man.

Yes, I think it would be better if you go elsewhere. RickK 20:48, Jul 22, 2004 (UTC)

So much for freedom of speech, you sabotage it every time, you really do kill the Prophets, and have dome since the beggining, I have an article coming up soon, its called no freedom of speech. Any way good knowing you and here are a couple of songs to help you relax [link title] http://damiendavis.alternativeprogression.com/bandsite/pageSelect.do;jsessionid=CE840A5C32FB7DB29B1B510C224AD1B3?page=music

and go to this scripture link ezekiel 33/30

You realize that this is an encyclopedia, right? Please point to one single thing you have added which is encyclopedic. Everything you post is your personal viewpoint, which is not acceptable in any encyclopedia. RickK 19:44, Jul 23, 2004 (UTC)

Look lads, i reaqlly am not the argumetitive type, if you feel that the piece is hurting you then do as you will, it wont hurt me if you take it off. I thought the idea was to put anything on this board, I did not know that it had to be so prim and proper, and considering i am so against prim and proper as this state of mind ussually hurts someone here on earth, feel free to do as you will, i wont be offended if you take the article off the board. If everyone hates it so much, as everyone is saying DELETE DELETE, then go and delete, remember to judge your self before you do and ask your selves were these feelings are relly coming from, i think you might be suprized by what you find. What I have written, while I am no expert on web desighn or any of that sort of thing, I done the peice to the best of my ability. If you see something that needs saying and you think it is important enought to say it, then you should by all means say it and not be terrified by peoples reactions, such as the ones that I have just recieved. Now, the reaonsno one understands what I am saying is because what I am saying is too heavy. I am saying that the GOD that nobody believes in is judgeing a certain or certain orginisations, I know that this is heavy, but all you have to do to verify that God does take people down by a wasting illness, then just check it out in the scrptures. They are not my words, if they were then they would hold no water. again i dont want o be argumentitive, just trying to get a point across in a hurry. I dont know if you have noticed but time does not seem to be on humanitys side

By the way with regards the MP3 that I put on the board, I dont know what a copyvio is or what ever that was that you said, but Ill take that off too, of you like, but if you keep taking everything you dont like off the board then you will have nothing but what you like on it, now were is the freedom of thought in that ? Believe me what I am saying will be paret of an encyclapedia, when they occur...... Glad someone liked the song. This is all that I will say damien davis

You still don't understand, do you? This is not a "board". This is an Encyclopedia. RickK 21:55, Jul 24, 2004 (UTC)
Damien, please see our policy on original research, and what Wikipedia is not. You might also want to read about our neutral point of view policy. -- The Anome 21:32, 17 July 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Damien, I have deleted Watchmanofephraim, as per your comment above, which said, among other things: "Look lads, i reaqlly am not the argumetitive type, if you feel that the piece is hurting you then do as you will, it wont hurt me if you take it off." -- The Anome 21:41, 17 July 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Ah well it must be Gods will what do you think. But you only have to google watchmanofephraim and see that it has done quite a bit of work, it is noted on many web pages, whcih must account for something,

God Bless Anome Damien