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St. Leger family

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Coat of arms of one branch of the family:
Azure fretty argent, a chief or

The St. Leger family is an old Anglo-Irish family with Norman roots. The surname is written and pronounced in several way including Sallinger or Sallenger (/ˈsɛlɪnər/ SEL-in-jər). The oldest French and English records of the family use the Latin form Latin: de Sancto Leodegario.

St. Legers in history[edit]

The English family took its name from Saint-Léger-aux-Bois, in the modern French département of Seine Maritime, and they were tenants of the Counts of Eu in both France and England.[1] The first clear use of the surname in England is in the 1086 Domesday Book entry for Bexhill-on-Sea, near Hastings in Sussex, which lists Robert St. Leger as one of the tenants there under Robert, Count of Eu, lord of Hastings.[2] This Robert was probably also holding Fairlight.[3] It has also been suggested that another Domesday Book ancestor of the family is William, mentioned without surname, who held Cortesley (between Bexhill and Hastings), and Wartling under the count of Eu, both of which were later lordships of a St. Leger family, who also held Fairlight. The later St. Leger family of Ulcombe in Kent, also tenants of the counts of Eu, are generally believed to be relatives of the St. Leger family of Wartling and Fairlight.

St. Legers of notable historical interest include:


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